TISS (HRM) (Stats for 2021 - 2023)


TISS (HRM) - Transparent Stats

  • This post and the blog have been created for the benefit of MBA aspirants so this data which is generally not available in public could be shared.
  • The data can be used for your own purpose as well under the Creative Commons. However, with the restriction that the original author, as well as the original link to the post, should be cited whenever the data is being shared and used.

Category-wise no. of candidates who filled the application form

Category-wise minimum score in TISSNET for TISSMAT shortlisting (Baseline Values)

  • As confirmed by authorities at TISS, the values mentioned above are the baseline values.
  • Baselines values are the values that are fixed and below which no candidate would get a shortlist for attempting the TISSMAT. 
  • This value is maintained irrespective of whether the no. of candidates in one particular category fall short as compared to the requisite no. in case more candidates from that particular category are below these baseline values. 

Category-wise minimum score in TISSNET for TISSMAT shortlisting (Actual for HRM)

  • The values mentioned in the above table are the actual marks above which everyone was eligible for the next round of the process. 

Category wise no. of candidates shortlisted for TISSMAT Round

  • As confirmed by authorities, TISSMAT was not conducted for admission to the HRM program for the batch of 2021-23.
  • Thus, the count of candidates mentioned in the above table are the ones who were shortlisted for the interview round of the HRM program for the batch of 2021-23.

Category wise composite score cutoff for the final offer of admission

Category wise total no. of students offered the final offer of admission

Category wise Waitlist Movement

Category wise current Class Composition

Also, for all those who wanted to know a bit more about TISS in the most candid ways, below are a few links from a Youtube channel run by one of my friends (who is also a TISS Alumni). These might give you an answer to lot many questions about life in and after TISS -

  • Analysis of Summer Placements at TISS -
  • Analysis of Final Placements at TISS -
  • Life after TISS HRM&LR, Salary, work-life balance, profiles - 
  • Most unique thing about TISS Mumbai! Fieldwork Internships at TISS - 

Important Links related to the Institute - 

  1. Link to official Website - https://www.tiss.edu/
  2. Selection Process (Batch 2021-2023) - Composite Score Calculation
  3. Link to Placement Reports (Summers) - Placement Report 2023
  4. Link to Placement Reports (Finals) - Placement Report 2022
  5. Flagship MA (HRM) Program Details & Fee Structure - About Program
    Source - www.google.com

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  1. Could you please share the similar statistics for TISS MA ODCL program. Thank you. This will help me choose the best.

    1. Hi Ranjit.
      I don't have these stats right now. But I will definitely try getting the same since few people have asked for the same. Thanks :)


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