IIM Jammu (Stats for 2021 - 2023)


IIM Jammu - Transparent Stats

  • This post and the blog have been created for the benefit of MBA aspirants so this data which is generally not available in public could be shared.
  • The data can be used for your own purpose as well under the Creative Commons. However, with the restriction that the original author, as well as the original link to the post, should be cited whenever the data is being shared and used.

Category-wise no. of candidates who filled the CAT form

Category-wise no. of candidates shortlisted for Interview Round

Category wise composite score cutoff for the final offer of admission

Category wise total no. of students offered the final offer of admission

There was some discrepancy in the data provided for the students offered the final offer of admission. Have sent the same to verify from the institute. Thus, will update this part upon getting the correct data.

Category wise minimum CAT Percentile for Offered Candidates

Category wise current Class Composition

Important Links related to the Institute - 

  1. Link to official Website - http://www.iimj.ac.in/
  2. Link to Placement Reports (Summers) - Placement Report 2022
  3. Link to Placement Reports (Finals) - Placement Report 2022
  4. Link to Selection Process - Composite Score Calculation
  5. Flagship PGP Program Details - Program Details
  6. Fees and Expenses - Program Fees
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  1. Thank you very much, for this update.

    1. Hey Singur.
      Most welcome and All the very Best :)

  2. Dont these final composite score cutoffs seem awfully low ( as if pi score havent been added to them yet)?

    1. Hi Singur.
      Well the fact is I can only publish what was given to me by the institute in reply. And since these were the scores given to me, I have published them. You can definitely file an RTI to reverify these scores. Thanks :)

    2. May be for female

    3. Could be !!!! However, no one can challenge the data as the institute itself has given it. Hence, there is no point in pondering over if it is right or not. Thanks :)

  3. I appreciate your work...
    Pls upload composite score weightage data, as exact info is not provided in the given link

    1. Hi Abhishek.
      Thank you so much for your words.
      Regarding composite data if you open the document at the bottom they have mentioned a link to IIM Trichy shortlisting process. Since IIM Jammu is a part of CAP they follow the CAP shortlisting process.
      Thanks :)

  4. Hey, you mentioned in the post that there was some discrepancy in the data. So when will the correct composite scores be updated?

  5. Hello.
    I know it has been a long time but with second appeal it takes a long long time to come. Thus, instead now I will raise another RTI and see if I can get the data in time. Will update the post as soon as I get that. Thanks :)

  6. my cs this year is 55-56 and I am from the ews category. as admission policy is the same as the previous year. any chance of getting admission at iim jammu?

    1. Hello.
      If I were to go by the cutoffs for converts over the years you should easily land a convert. However, that is only as per the stats and my experience over the years. Thanks and All the Best :)


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